Katie Kron


APRIL 29 – May 4, 2013

Artist Statement

Simulacrum: a material image, made as a representation of some deity, person, or thing (OED)

The pieces in this show were created out of a desire to understand the implications of creation – what it means and what it looks like, particularly for an artist.

I believe that humans are the creation of an all-powerful Creator, formed in his image. If this is true, what happens if the creation denies the role of the Creator and attempts to become the Creator itself? What if the creation creates only by making images of itself for its own glory and self-gratification?

In this project, I turn the camera back onto myself to contemplate the purpose of my creation of artwork. My artwork here is a series of my own simulacra, accompanied by moving images of their creation and my attempts to interact with what I have produced – copies of myself.

My artwork has always been some form of self-portraiture, always in some way a self-analysis or a picture of my personal journey. I have worked on ways to make this self-awareness accessible and applicable to my audience with sincere intention. Yet it is still about me – a recreation of my thoughts or feelings and an illustration of my interpretation of the world. I have recently been forced to ask if this form of image-making can reflect more than my own likeness.

What purpose does a piece of artwork have? Can it ever be something other than an idol to oneself, a hope of carrying on one’s image in the world? All artwork inherently holds a piece of the artist, but can it be any more?

About the Artist

Katie Kron is a senior studio art major (concentrations in painting and video art) with a minor in psychology. She worked for two months during the summer of 2012 in Fort Portal, Uganda. Funded through the WFU Richter Scholarship, her efforts were focused on integrating arts and the creative process with her passion for social justice. She intends to return long-term in January 2014. Afterwards, she hopes to pursue a Masters in Urban Planning or Architecture, going on to be involved in the field of social entrepreneurship. She has had art shown at several exhibitions and has a piece in the permanent WFU Art Collection.

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