Kate Shepherd


NOVEMBER 2 – DECEMBER 11, 2015 / JANUARY 4 – 31, 2016

This exhibition looks at a spectrum of New York artist Kate Shepherd’s work at mid-career in which she stretches and crosses traditional genre boundaries while concentrating on notions of “figure,” “ground,” and “representation.” Her various works – including large enamel paintings on panel, graphite drawings on paint chips, and suspended wire configurations in space – can initially appear literal and direct, but yield an often subtle playfulness and poetry that are not so much aims or intentions as they are the result of a sort of investigation. In the mix of concept, method and perception that is their basis, Shepherd’s works let process motivate discovery and discovery alter process. One recent series, for instance, began as experiments with 3-D modeling software but resulted in painted linear figures alluding to classical statuary. Provisional yet carefully organized, Shepherd’s approach is intended to manifest a human presence while evoking a visual memory of art and culture. Far less concerned with self-expression, for Kate Shepherd, the work is not so much “about” as it “is.”


Paul Bright, in collaboration with the artist and Galerie Lelong, NYC

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