Scott Townsend:

Social Capital: Greece

FEBRUARY 5 – MARCH 25, 2018

In another example of a collaborative, faculty-suggested project, Scott Townsend, Assoc. Prof. of Graphic Design at NC State Univ. will present an iteration of an ongoing project, Social Capital: Greece. The artist will work with Prof. David Finn to coordinate pedagogical overlap with related classes. As Townsend says of his project:
“Part of my work in the last three years has taken place in the Mediterranean region. This installation is about the communities of western Greece and an ongoing dialogue about local issues and history, “globalization,”as well as Greece’s connections to Europe and the EU. Greece’s situation predates and mirrors many of the issues of local and global communities and networks that are topical now regarding immigration and identity.

The next step included creating portable kits to aid in visualizing the next round of interviews, and to give interviewees a way to express their values around particular topics. The kits are composed of common references based on the original interviews. The references can be sorted into simple categories in each box. The topics / pieces in the kit help prompt group discussion. These arrangements can be photographed and displayed as a visualization of the discussion.

Finally, projected animations were created based on ideas and themes from the research as a further extension to dialogue in the community.

The original research and exhibition work 2016 (Cephalonia) has led to more specific discussions about community issues and local problems / solutions and the need for ongoing community research and design assistance (education, preservation of history, community engagement on health care issues etc.). This year, Greek and US design students are working in “design and social innovation,”

The gallery space will consist of the interviews, the portable kits that visualized dialogue, and the projected animations.


Paul Bright, Director, Hanes Art Gallery

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