Interval: Mandala

OCTOBER 15 – 22, 2018


Six Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Dokhang House of the Gaden Shartse Monastery, one of the three most renowned monasteries of Tibet, will create a Sand Mandala of the Buddha of Wisdom (Manjushri) as part of the Silk Road project. The mandala will be approximately 5 x 5 feet and take up to five days to complete. Traditionally, upon completion, the mandala is swept up and placed in a river, lake, or ocean as an offering to purify the surrounding environment. In the course of their visit, the monks will provide in-class lectures and public lectures.

The creation of the mandala will occur between our regularly scheduled exhibitions in the front part of the gallery, which can be isolated while our installation work for the next exhibition proceeds.


Organized by Professors Jeff Lerner and Yaohua Shi, and supported by IPLACe

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