Carl Toth

Pioneering Artist, Photographer and Educator

FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 27, 2016

As the curator of this exhibition and a former student of Carl Toth, Andrea Eis writes that the artist’s work and approach embody writer Philippe Sollers’s epigraph thought is the blood that bathes the heart. Toth’s “passionate belief in ‘the integration of thought into the art-making and viewing process,’” is reflected in “deliberate and reflective constructions of image and meaning.”

Eis continues: “Carl Toth’s artworks are intellectual and playful, definitive and vague. He interjects himself into the physical world, documenting the puzzles in perspective, scale, and reality that he creates. In silver prints of small figures in expansive landscapes, lush color prints of stylized still life constructions, and intricate collages of elements painstakingly trimmed from thousands of Xerox copies, Carl entices viewers to ponder what is ‘real’ and what is ‘image,’ and to experience the paradox of energy coursing through his still images.

In this exhibition, viewers are invited to trace Carl’s mind at work, while forming their own paths through his compositional machinations. His images are tightly structured and tautly constructed, but they also have just enough ambiguity, mystery and emotion to keep viewers returning, questioning, wandering through connections and disjunctions, and bathing their hearts with thought.”


Andrea Eis

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